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Everything is all riiiight

It's so hard to think about studying for finals when CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Boo.

I miss The Office. But Gossip Girl is on tonight. I think. That show is mildly addicting...and by mildly, I mean very, and I really like it, but we can pretend I didn't say that.

Anyway, here are some songs! Michael Buble sings Christmas songs very well, I kind of love them. And the rest are just good songs that I've listened to a lot lately. :)
Let It Snow - Michael Buble
White Christmas - Michael Buble
1973 - James Blunt
Love Song - Sara Bareilles
Night Shift...Stir It Up - OAR
Angel Town - Peter Cincotti
The General - Dispatch
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Know what's weird? How doctor's offices are called "pratices." THEY'RE "PRACTICING" on us! So if practice makes perfect...will they eventually begin to call them "perfects?" Because then Addison would have to change her show to Private Perfect, and that just doesn't have the same ring to it.

I want to watch Christmas movies. Sigh.
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So...I graduated high school! It's a very weird feeling. Especially because my best friend is younger than me, so he's still in school, and I have to wait until 2 to hang out with him and I feel like I'm being sneaky by not going to school with him. Except I'm NOT being sneaky, I just don't need to go anymore. Ahh.

Since I mentioned Mika, here are some of his songs:
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) - this song is just funny and cute and bouncy. It makes me so happy.
Grace Kelly - this song is also a happy song. Most Mika songs are quite happy.
Lollipop - this is the first Mika song I ever heard. It's quite ridiculous, but it's also really fun.
Stuck In The Middle - this one has some nice piano, and it's happy yet again.
Love Today - I'm pretty sure this is used in MTV shows, because I totally heard it on the Hills or something a while ago...

ALSO! This song is AMAZING, please download it:
Everything - Michael Buble. It's adorable and cute and perfect. Listen listen listen.

I never know what to say here anymore, but I like to post pictures. I'm sorry!

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oh, hey

spud14: does it seem like
spud14: it's all been like...a long day?
spud14: since like...2003?

I'm DONE with high school in one week. It's kind of weird to think about.

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I have final projects due tomorrow that I haven't really done anything for, and school starts in 7 hours sooo...yeah. I'm going to abandon LJ right now, but what else is new?

P.S. Do any of you listen to Mika? He makes me happy.
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I saw RENT yesterday. It was amazing. Our Roger was British, and his accent made all of his solos sound so much better. And our Mark was brunette, which was weird, but he was good so it was okay. The only person who wasn't really good was Angel, but he was a wicked good dancer so it made up for his voice.

Amelie // she is so so cuuute

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So I've received three pokes...because, weird, I haven't updated for six weeks? Or so this email I got tells me. It doesn't seem like it's been that long. I'm sorry. I really do love you all, I DO!

I've just been very very very busy.

And this year is very expensive! Not even counting college costs that are coming up, I need $150 for senior week, $140 for a random field trip to NYC, $60 to go see RENT (yay! this Saturday!), $350 for a plane ticket to Puerto Rico (sooo expensive, boo), and then prom stuff. I don't even want to go to prom that much, but Jason wants to, so I'm going to go with him...but it'll cost a lot. I need a dress.

Umm now that I've complained a little bit? There's this cute little website my brother showed me. It's about MUFFINS. So take a look my friends: MuffinFilms. Some of them are just weird, but I like them...

So I don't really know what to talk about. I don't even know if anyone will read this. But, HIIII. I miss LJ...vacation is next week, perhaps I'll be able to get back into it. ♥
Music // Death Cab makes company calls

Oh, lover, I'll cover yooou!

I'm craving RENT songs. Anyone want to upload one...or a few...or a lot? I only have Out Tonight, La Vie Boheme, and Light My Candle on my computer. :(
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let's rearrange: I wish you were a stranger I could disengage

Jason, Colleen, and I decided to be best friends, and we've been together every day all week. We went to the beach on Thursday, but it was raining. We went on Friday, and it was cold, but we stayed for a long time anyway. It makes you feel alive.

Regina Spektor is so so awesome.

High School Musical is so so cheesy.

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Oh, Jenny don't be hasty

Okay, I love The Office with every fiber of my being, but...Back From Vacation is the worst title for an episode. Ever.

At least it was a really, really good episode to make up for the horrible title.

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School seems like such a joke lately. Which is not good, since finals are in like, two weeks. Heh.
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